1. Clovis culture - Wikipedia


    The Clovis culture is a prehistoric Paleo-Indian culture, named for distinct stone tools found in close association with Pleistocene fauna at Blackwater Locality No ...

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    Clovis Community College is an institution of higher education offering instruction at the Associate degree level. The College provides accessible, affordable ...

  3. Clovis Ier — Wikipédia


    Clovis I er: Le baptême de Clovis par saint Remi avec le miracle de la Sainte Ampoule . Plaque de reliure en ivoire, Reims, dernier quart du IX e siècle.

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    Pictures and description of Clovis artifacts from the East Wenatchee Clovis site in Washington.

  5. Clovis I - Wikipedia


    Clovis (Latin: Chlodovechus; reconstructed Frankish: *Hldowig; c. 466 – November 27, 511) was the first king of the Franks to unite all of the Frankish tribes ...

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    As caches of Clovis tools were uncovered across North America over subsequent decades, nearly all archaeologists signed on to the idea that the Clovis people were …

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    PaleoAmerica – To learn more about the first Americans, consider subscribing to the Center’s journal PaleoAmerica. CSFA members can subscribe to the journal at ...

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    5/19/2012 · WHEN and how did the first people arrive in the Americas? For many decades, archaeologists have agreed on an explanation known as the Clovis model.

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    A presentation and discussion of icongraphic artifacts ('Figure Stones') from an ancient habitation site (#33GU218) in southeastern Ohio, and elsewhere.

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    Picture and description of a Colby Clovis point cast available for sale. Cast was molded directly from the original Colby site Clovis point.